Well, it’s over – and I haven’t immediately put the weight back on. I also found that my appetite has decreased, and my thirst has increased. This is big. I’ve never found it easy to drink enough, but now I’m getting there. Would I do it again? Yes. But I’d do it in summer, and in a week where I have nothing else happening. If I had to look slim in a hurry, I’d definitely do one – you know, in that odd circumstance where I get nominated for an Oscar in a film I wasn’t aware I had any part in, then I’d have to turn up looking good on the red carpet so I can turn the Oscar down. Or something. 

My main problem with the fast was the cold. I’m cold, the juices were cold, it’s cold outside, and all I really wanted was comfort food and carbs. I felt good on it though (except for the massive blood sugar crash) and I definitely have fewer cravings now. So who knows, maybe next summer?

Favourite juices and tips: keep it simple, the blog I was using had at least 5 ingredients in every juice. Once I got more confident I made my own, like beetroot, pear, a carrot, and ginger; or just oranges and carrots.

Don’t attempt this when you have too much on. As I found to my peril, if your bloodsugar crashes, you’ll know it. Make sure you juice every two hours.

Phase in. Seriously. Don’t eat a huge amount for the few days before, or you’ll have crazy hunger/food cravings.

And enjoy!

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