Well, maybe not to victory, but I feel these things are always easier with a aim. I consider myself to have a fairly iron will, but I’d be lying if I said this first day has been a walk in the park. It’s been hard, and my big realisation is how much I absolutely love food and eating. If you’d said to me when I was 17 “hey, go on this diet, you don’t have to eat,” I’d have jumped at the chance. I hated eating, and the process of eating. But now I simply love food. I have a good relationship with food And my body image, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say.

So needless to say I found myself fantasizing about potato waffles mid-afternoon, then pasta dishes. The boyfriend cooked himself a 3 bean chili which I wandered in and out to help with, and it took a lot of self-restraint not to taste it. I read a lot of articles today about juice fasts giving you a whole new appreciation of food when you do start on solids again, and helping you to make the right food choices, which I’m excited about. I’m sticking in here. I just miss solid food.

The first juice of the day was a fruit one, to wake me up with some sugar. It was delicious. The second was all green, and the third was green and beetroot. Those were a bit more of a struggle. By the 4th, even though it’s delicious, I’m simply fed up of liquid. I’ve never been the best at drinking and I don’t get anywhere near my recommended amount of water in   day. Maybe about two thirds… When I’m making an effort. Towards the evening a headache has come on, it could be tension from the gym yesterday or it could be the juiced, I’m not sure. Either way, today’s nearly over, and tomorrow’s a new day…

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